Welcome to Blockchain world! The Blockchain is the heart of the Bitcoin, which is the most famous digital money in the world. Aside from the Bitcoin, the Blockchain is considered as a new technology for high-security services; finance, healthcare, government, etc. In addition, new services and applications from universal start-ups are continuously occurred.

If you want to use the Blockchain or Bitcoin technology, A lot of effort to grasp them thoroughly must be preceded, albeit innovative ideas are prepared already. Moreover, the Blockchain had chosen a particular architecture to support the Bitcoin, not general-purpose. There is, therefore, serious obstacles that a technical enthusiasm to utilize these trustworthy technologies must be embarked to surpass.

Coinstack can an alternative to combine your service and the Blockchain with lesser impediments, that is, an assistant platform to develop and provide a new service simply and conveniently. Cloud Stamp and Good Monitor are representative services developed by CoinStack. Furthermore, vaudeville services are provided by financial services companies, major firms, start-ups, and individual developers using Coinstack.

Do you want to know more about Coinstack? If yes, please feel free to visit Introduction of Bitcoin and Blockchain and Start Coinstack with this document. Don't forget, along with Coinstack, you can build your tremendous service over Blockchain without any specialty!

Coinstack provides SDKs in various programming languages with which developers are most familiar: Java and JavaScript. Also, Coinstack provides a convenient development environment with Playground, Watch, Dashboard, etc. based on HTML5.

Start Coinstack now!

If you need more features or APIs, please feel free to inform or propose us through Help or Community.

1. Abstract

You can acquire everything about Coinstack in this document. You can find an official example provided by Coinstack for each programming language by the tab on the upper right of the item; Object, API, etc.

1.1. Contents

Quick Start Guide

Introduce Coinstack shortly: configuration, installation, authentication, etc.

Getting Started

Provide fundamental examples of the Coindstack client.


Elucidate procedures and methods of the authentication of the Coinstack client.

Coinstack and Public Bitcoin Blockchain

Represent base compositions, notations, and features of Coinstack over Blockchain.

Coinstack Stamping

Introduce Document Stamping of Coinstack.

Coinstack Multisig

Introduce Multisig of Coinstack.

Coinstack Open Assets

Introduce Open Asset protocol of Coinstack.

API Reference

Provide specifications, usages, and examples of Objects, which one is a data model in Coinstack API, and APIs of Coinstack respectively for each programming language.

2. Language Support

All features of Coinstack are provided by REST API, and each SDK needs a specific environment below:

Platform Download
Java Maven Repository
Node.js NPM JS
HTML5 Coinstack CDN

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